3 Tier Kettlebell Rack

Highlights of this 3 Tier Kettlebell Rack

  • The tiers are particularly angled to make loading and unloading very secure and very easy.
  • Each shelf has a rear lip to prevent falls.
  • Rubber feet to safeguard floorings.
  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • Custom size is acceptable

Product Description

3 Tier Kettlebell Rack

The 3 Tier Kettlebell Rack features back lip on each shelve that avoids fall through. And the tiers are specifically angled to make loading and also unloading extremely secure and very easy. Constructed from steel, the 3 Tier Kettlebell Rack is made to last for many years. 

The 3 Tier Kettlebell Rack will keep your free weight/ workout zone organised, permitting very easy weight recognition as well as leading to an extra enjoyable exercise experience.

The hefty and also durable design of this rack makes it excellent for neatly storing kettlebells.

Item Functions

  • Commercial kettlebell rack – Heavy duty steel frame
  • Back lip on each shelve that protects kettlebells against fail
  • 3 tier supplies room saving style suitable for any kind of fitness center
  • Rubber feet to safeguard floor

When buying a Kettlebell Rack, What to Consider

Capability: It would not make a great deal of sense to get a kettlebell rack that can support a dozen kettlebells if you just own 2 as well as could not ever before think of having greater than 4. That’s simply way too much void! On the other side, you do not wish to acquire a rack that holds 4 kettlebells if you see on your own acquiring a 10-kettlebell set at some point in the future. That’s simply way too little space!

Spacing: Relying on the design of your living space or home gym, you might choose to buy a rack with a number of vertical tiers; you could choose to acquire a rack that expands side to side; or your kettlebells-to-square-foot proportion may need you to score a rack that expands both upwards and outwards.