Product Description

Adjustable Workout Bench Wholesale

Adjustable Workout Bench is a new multi-adjustable bench Full commercial. Ideal for training with barbells, dumbbells & little accessories. Great for all ages and fitness levels!

Turn your workout area into the supreme home gym with the AB2 Adjustable Weight Bench. Thanks to the strong lock pins and adjustable braces, the Adjustable Bench matches a substantial variety of strength workouts.

Built from state-of-the-art Swedish steel, the bench includes rubber feet and finish caps to protect gym floors and also maintain the bench securely in position.

Adjustable fitness benches are a staple for your home gym or training center. This is a heavy-duty weight bench that can be changed from flat to incline quickly. Assistance a variety of exercises for exercisers that make use of free weights.

Gym equipment produces high quality custom-made weight benches for strength training as well as bench press. offers commercial as well as home grade weight benches featuring a wide choice of incline benches, decline benches, adjustable benches & flat benches.

Stock your fitness club or gym with Adjustable Weight Benches from or shop our entire line of strength training products.

Technical Specs
Measurements (L x W x H) 1320 * 600 * 430mm.
Machine Weight 42 kg.

Crucial: The Adjustable Exercise Bench Fitness Equipment is a built-to-order product and might call for a 3-6 week preparation. weight bench revealed above makes use of a customized color configuration. Manufactured in China.
* This product is designed only for use in commercial fitness setups. *.
* We strive for complete accuracy with our technological specs. *.

Great for all ages and also fitness levels!
Support a variety of workouts for exercisers who utilize free weights.
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