Flat Utility Exercise Bench

  • Size 17″ x 19″ x 40″
  • Weight Capability: 350 lbs
  • Materials: Steel, PVC
  • Manufacturer: Manta Fitness

Product Information

Flat Utility Exercise Bench

Enhance your home gym with a foundational tool important to any weight room. Experience the versatility of this ProForm Carbon Strength Flat Weight Bench to aid you develop muscle mass and raise your fitness performance as you work out. The Proform Carbon Strength Flat Bench fits a wide range of fitness regimens and levels.


  • Stitched vinyl seats offer comfort and also security during your weight lifting session, and also last longer than stapled seat covers
  • Whether you are a weight lifting newbie or an experienced trainer, make use of the Proform Carbon Strength Flat Bench in conjunction with your favored weight collection or barbell to separate and target various muscle groups to strengthen as well as tone your whole body
  • Utilize the Proform Carbon Strength Flat Bench for whatever from bench presses with a barbell (not consisted of) to stabilizing on your own throughout bodyweight workouts like throughout tricep dips

Flat Utility Exercise Bench to wholesale

The Strength Flat Utility Exercise Bench is excellent for upper as well as lower abdominal muscles toning and also strengthening. It pleasantly sustains a strong upper body make-up.

The sporting activities bench has strong anti-slip ground for added security. The Flat Bench is multi-use as well as is made for simple moving, giving best ease of access for all users.
This PU natural leather padded bench is suitable for the home gym, personal training, or outdoor Crossfit training.

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