Half Squat Rack with Chin Up Bar

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  • Sturdy Steel Structure with Electrostatic Powder Coated Finish
  • Integrated chin up bar
  • Consists of 2 x Safety Bar Catchers & 2 x J-Hooks with Easy Height Adjustments
  • Open up H leg framework design for very easy gain access to as well as activity
  • Light Commercial Grade
  • Perfect for Squats, Bench Press, Incline Press, Shoulder Press and Extra.

Product Description

Half Squat Rack

This Half Squat Rack is the excellent option for the significant trainer with limited room, making it best for studios and home usage, and also as an additional station in a commercial gym. Looking to dress up the commercial or home gym with a top notch squat rack that does not cost a fortune? Look no even more than our really Squat Half rack. Furnished with heavy-duty security hooks, integrated chin up bar as well as range of optional attachments, this rack will take your weightlifting to the following level .

Suitable with any standard or Olympic 7ft barbell, this half squat rack is excellent for assisting with a variety of lower and also upper body workouts, consisting of presses, squats and also calf raises.

Key Features of Half Squat Rack with Chin Up Bar

1. The rack is specifically designed for squatting, so it is durable and stable.

The half rack is constructed from sturdy steel with extra-large tubes as well as powder coated finish guarantee maximum attachment as well as durability.

2. Integrated chin up bar design

A multi-position chin up bar is centrally positioned, which indicates the rack is flawlessly stable when being utilized for chins/pullups without the need to add weights to it.

3. There are 2 weight plate horns at the back for convenient weight storage.

Has 2 weight horns for olympic plate storage space and also pull-up bars to aid you tone your muscles and do more upper body exercise.

4. Heavy-duty safety hooks & Safety Bar Catchers

The adjustable safety hooks and safety bar catchers are an important feature to this squat rack. They enable you to relocate the barbell right into the appropriate position for you. By doing so, you’ll have the ability to lift larger tons whilst additionally reducing your danger of injury. This is very important during weightlifting, as executing workouts with the right form will assist you turn on the ideal muscular tissues, to make sure that you can attain a well defined and also shaped body.

In summary, this half squat rack has actually been sourced to our requirements: budget friendly, exceptional and also flexible top quality.