Heavy Duty Power Rack

Heavy Duty Alpha Power Rack Wholesale — Import high quality, made in China power rack perfect for home and commercial gym, from the highly trusted manufacturer POWER RACK KING.

  • Power rack with dual pullup / chin up bars – front 1.25 inch standard and back 2 inch fat-grip.
  • 2x Adjustable Barbell J Hooks on outside or inside of rack
  • 2x Adjustable Safety Spot Bars
  • Weight horns on the back for added stability as well as utility.
  • Compatible with resistance bands via band pegs


Heavy Duty Alpha Power Rack

Heavy Duty Alpha Power Rack is a tough and resilient squat rack for gym and business use. The adjustable safety and security rails offer the trainee with safety and security and also security throughout training. The Power Rack has the alternative of chin pulling/ hanging. With a flat bench, the rack can be utilized for bench press and alter bench press. Alpha sturdy power rack includes the standard 32mm pull up bar along with a 50mm bar for increasing grip strength and partner workouts.

This Alpha Power Rack does not always require to be anchored to the floor due to the fact that the back maintaining bar keeps the rack strong as well as steady during training. No need to tear up your flooring with this rack! The item can be anchored to the substrate for optimum security. The item includes: 2 x J-hooks, 2 x security rails.

Alpha strong power rack consists of the standard 32mm pull up bar together with a 50mm bar for increasing grip strength as well as partner workouts.

Key Features of Heavy Duty Alpha Power Rack

  • Enables body weight exercises like dips and also chin ups

Include chin-ups and dips to your exercises to target a more comprehensive range of muscle mass groups with two chin-up bars as well as an adjustable dips accessory.

  • J hooks & spot bars included

Rack your weights confidently with elevation adjustable and also durable J Hooks. Trust fund that safety and security area bars exist to secure you if you lack power on your last rep.

  • Two weight plate holders are created for ease and also enhanced stability.
  • Compatible with resistance bands using band pegs

Raise the trouble of your squats or bench press with adjustable resistance band pegs. Discover added variety in your exercise using the secures to perform resistance band workouts.

  • Suitable with Standard 6ft and also Olympic 7ft Barbells
  • Maximum load 400kg.
  • Product measurements: 147 x 127 x 213 CENTIMETERS (LxWxH).
  • Net Weight 113 KG