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What is a half rack?

A half rack is a squat rack or squat stand with just two blog posts instead of 4. The reason it is called a half rack is since it has the two bars as opposed to 4.

What is a half squat rack?

Very same point as a half rack.

Half-Rack vs Full Squat Rack

When contrasting a complete squat rack to a half rack it’s important to note that the full rack is safer as when you are squatting within it, it is impossible for the bar to fall beyond the security bars. A half rack doesn’t use the exact same level of protection.

Tips when looking for a great Half Rack:

See to it you are obtaining long enough safety arms. You intend to have a lot of area to quickly capture the bar in the case of a failed rep.

Weigh the half rack to keep it from tipping. This is why half racks with weight horns are such a wonderful choice.

However, half racks have a tendency to not be as hefty as power racks, merely due to having fewer framework parts, so some half racks might not catch the barbell in addition to you would certainly like.

With less expensive half racks, if the barbell strikes the uprights hard enough it might tip the rack over. Some half racks are made to be secure enough that this isn’t really an issue. You’re in much more secure territory when it’s a half rack design that you can bolt to a concrete flooring or to a platform.

With a free standing rack (not bolted down), the very best half racks are made with the extra weight of heavy-gauge steel or huge tubes, or a wide footprint design.

Another issue with half racks is the safety arms. Some safety arms are really brief and also might also not exist whatsoever, because you can’t depend on them when you’re falling short a rep. 18 ″ lengthy safety arms are sensible for bench pressing. For squats, you truly should have 24 ″ security arms, given that you are typically squatting a farther range from the lift-offs to

Most half racks don’t have 24 ″ security arms mainly since the layout, particularly the footprint size, does not sustain them. When you drop a loaded bar near the outer edge of the safety and security bars, such racks will tip up, as in the video on top of this write-up.

Also if your rack does not have tabs with bolt holes, it’s actually possible to devour any kind of rack. You either wish to drill via the tubing and also use additional long screws, or much better, devour a brace that lays over the tubes.

Why a Half Rack?

It’s obvious that I favor a full squat rack. Even I have to admit that there are times when a half rack can be a far better choice:

1. Occupies much less area

A half rack can be an excellent alternative for minimizing your foot print when you do not have a lot of space to workout.

2. Can be less expensive

A half rack or squat stand can additionally be much more inexpensive than a full 4 article squat rack or power cage.

We have also seen though that they are in some cases a lot more pricey than some of the even more beginning full squat cages like those in our overview to the Best Low-cost Squat Racks. So if you are purely considering price, then you could intend to choose a complete squat rack.

3. More affordable to deliver and less complicated to assemble

A half rack can be less costly to ship and a lot easier to create than a full sized rack. This is because there is usually much less material to deliver as well as the shipping weight is generally less.

Whatever the factor you are trying to find a half rack we have put together the ultimate overview to the most effective Half Racks out on the market now! After that just please let us understand in the comments below, if you see one we have missed out on.

Exactly how do you squat in a Half Rack?

Truthfully simply utilize it the same a normal rack.

Vital: Take care and also make certain you do not back out to way out of the rack. You want to constantly remain in series of the security arms. That way you can securely dispose the bar when you stop working.

For this guide we are preventing all half racks that do not have security arms.

If a rack does not have safety and security arms after that you have no choice to securely fail as well as we consider it more of a squat stand.

Squat stands do have their usage though and also if you want to know even more regarding them then check out our upcoming short article on them.

This is why half racks with weight horns are such a great choice.
Crucial: Be careful and make sure you don’t back out to far out of the rack. You want to constantly be in range of the safety arms. That means you can safely dump the bar when you fall short.