Olympic Decline Bench

Highlights of Olympic Decline Bench

  • 3 take-off positions and adjustable rollers allow lifters to find their appropriate position
  • 4 chrome storage pins with rubber stoppers keep weights conveniently at hand and the lifting area clutter free.
  • Heavy duty 2.5mm thick steel tube
  • Effective tool for building and strengthening the lower and middle pecs

Product Description

Olympic Decline Bench Wholesale

The Olympic Decline Bench supplies an Olympic design decline bench press with the exact same top-quality sturdiness and high quality that features racks as well as benches. Superb Condition and also Construct to Last!
The Commercial and also Home Exercise Equipment Olympic decline bench press works the lower chest area. This is a commercial tool from a health club. It is made use of yet in general good condition.

The Racks and Benches Strength Equipment is the leader in efficiency training. Each framework receives an electrostatic powder coat finish to make sure optimum bond and longevity.

Import for Weight Benches and Racks from China manufacturers. Best price guarantee.

Benefits of decline bench press

  • Increased Activation of Lower Pecs
  • Tricep Activation
  • Minimized Stress on Back
  • Minimized Stress on Shoulders
  • Capability to Lift Even More Weight
  • Strength Transfer to Curved Benching

The decline bench press is an excellent exercise for strengthening your lower chest muscles. It’s a variant of the flat bench press, a popular chest exercise.

When part of a total chest routine, decline bench presses can aid your pecs look even more specified.