Olympic Incline Bench

Highlights of Olympic Incline Bench

  • This Olympic incline bench is angled 30º to emphasize upper pectorals
  • Heavy-duty commercial-grade steel tubing with thickness 2.5mm
  • Powder Coated Finish: 2 rounds (silver/black/dark grey/white/red + varnish)
  • Adjustable seat allows fine adjustment of movement position to fit a variety of body types
  • 2 take-off positions provide adaptability for users with varying arm lengths
  • Weight plates storage system

Product Information

Olympic Incline Bench Wholesale

Olympic Incline Bench is a fantastic gym equipment that incorporates high quality as well as worth in a simple, easy-to-use strength line developed to fit users of any type of fitness or experience.

This Olympic incline bench includes shaped protective racking system. It is made of high-grade materials for durability as well as safety and security. We provide you this highest quality fitness equipment at an economical price.
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Olympic Incline Bench is the best Olympic Incline Bench Machine Press Training Machine. All our styles are according to human exercise physiology concept created for complete accord with human body muscle.

We have a wide range of flat bench press, incline bench press, leg press, leg extension, Olympic bench, and so on. Obtain top quality strength equipment, non-weight machines just at Power Rack King.

We use a thorough variety of equipment to suit every exerciser looking to integrate strength training right into their general fitness program. With focus to the biomechanics, comfortable touchpoints, as well as simple modifications, our Strength Line helps members of all abilities benefit from the worth of strength training.

The Collection integrates all the functional efficiency elements demanded from a strength line, however with a concentrate on convenience of use and also thoughtful layout information to appeal to a vast array of exercises. The outcome is biomechanical quality for the new user or experienced professional athlete.

Olympic Incline Bench is the finest Olympic Incline Bench Machine Press Training Machine. We offer a comprehensive variety of equipment to fit every exerciser looking to include strength training into their general fitness program. With interest to the biomechanics, comfy touchpoints, and simple modifications, our Strength Line aids members of all capacities profit from the value of strength training.

Features of Olympic Incline Bench

  • Multi Functional Gym Equipment

Olympic Incline Bench can be made use of to target several muscle groups for a complete body exercise in the house. It allows for a wide range of strength-training exercises that concentrate on the arms, legs, chest, and core. Pair it with a rack or use it with free weights.

  • Sturdy Steel Construction

Safe for all your workouts. This exercise equipment boasts a heavy-duty structure so that can be made use of for individuals whose weight gets on greater side.The costs padding and also upholstery offer ample assistance to the body. Overal Size: 1960x1700x1400mm. Net Weight: 130kg.

  • Ergonomic Style

System features an ergonomically made structure that is portable yet multi functional. The equipment is formed in a manner that permits maximum wheelchair when doing workouts without taking up too much area in your house.

  • Comfortable Seat for Workout

This Olympic Incline Bench features a soft natural leather which is loaded with thick foam padding so it fits to do numerous exercises. It allows for a wide array of strength-training workouts that concentrate on the arms, legs, chest, and core. In a word, it’s an ultimate convenience gym equipment, users do any exercise with a really comfortable feeling.

  • Easy Storage

Benches are simple to store and can be accommodated in tiny space. Our designers create bench with suggestions of expert fitness coach, get more efficient for daily exercise and also for gym.