2 Tier Kettlebell Rack

Highlights of this 2 Tier Kettlebell Rack

  • Commercial grade construction
  • Stylish powder coat finish
  • Spacious 2-tier design
  • Each shelf has a rear lip to prevent falls
  • Easily accessible when selecting different sizes
  • Custom size is acceptable

Product Description

2 Tier Kettlebell Rack

The 2 tier kettlebell rack is of a commercial quality, and suggested for gyms and severe trainers. The Rack is constructed with sturdy steel, as well as collaborates with a low and high racking system With a spacious 2 tier layout. this Rack easily suits for a total collection of kettlebells, with space to save.

The 2 tier Kettlebell Rack is of a commercial grade, and suggested for gyms and serious trainers. The Rack is built with strong steel, as well as collaborates with a high and also low racking system With a large 2 tier style, this Rack easily accommodates for a total set of kettlebells, with area to spare.

In a word, this solid steel 2 tier kettlebell rack is a perfect rack to store your kettlebells and also save damage on your kettlebells.

Features of this 2 Tier Kettlebell Rack

  • Commercial grade steel construction
  • Stylish powder-coated finish
  • Spacious 2-tier design – Rack can stand up to 12-16 kettlebells depending upon kettlebell dimension.
  • Easily access for different kettlebells
  • Rubber feet to safeguard floorings.

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That’s just way as well much empty room! On the flip side, you do not want to purchase a rack that holds four kettlebells if you see on your own acquiring a 10-kettlebell set sometime in the close to future.

Spacing: Depending on the layout of your home or home gym, you might favor to buy a rack with several vertical tiers; you may favor to acquire a rack that extends laterally; or your kettlebells-to-square-foot ratio may need you to rack up a rack that extends both upwards and in an outward direction.