Free Weight Storage Racks – Multi Functional

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  • Open and uncluttered space for safe and efficient use of free weight: Bumper Plates, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Med Balls & Slam Balls
  • 5 Tier Design with 2 Flat Trays & 3 Tubular Shelves;
  • 2 Medicine Ball Trays
  • 6 Side Hooks (4″ long/3 Each Side)
  • Customized size & logo is acceptable


Multi Functional Free Weight Storage Racks

Gym storage racks are usually for only one kind of gym accessory. But a multi-purpose gym free weight storage rack has ports to keep numerous kinds of accessories with each other.

Benefits of using a multi-purpose gym free weights storage rack

  • Flexibility.
  • No requirement for numerous racks.
  • Space-saving.
  • Multi Functional and Economical.

WALL BALL STORAGE: This gym coordinator storage rack has 2 connected 1″ steel tubes to support Valiance Fitness Wall Balls and Wall Surface Ball PROs without denting or squashing the Wall surface Balls/Medicine Balls during storage. Can handle up to 400 lb well worth of wall surface balls/med balls.

KETTLEBELL RACK: Flat storage shelf in the middle of the storage rack securely holds a row of kettlebells with one-inch edge to prevent pot balls from falling off. This sturdy weight stand can handle as much as 600 pound well worth of kettle bells.

WEIGHT RACK FOR DUMBBELLS: Dumbbell Rack has an ergonomically designed structure with 2 racks for storage space as well as a slightly angled design, enabling the user quick recognition and availability throughout exercise. Perfect for usage with Valiance Fitness Rubber Hex Dumbbells. Can handle up to 600 lb worth of dumbbells.

BUMPER PLATE STORAGE: Weight Plate Rack features extra bumper plate storage space listed below the unit with four adjustable plate dividers to store plates upright for simple access to the weight holder rack. Use your plate stand with Valiance Fitness bumper plates.

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