Half Cage Rack

Wholesale Half Cage Rack from China manufacturers. Custom Half Cage Racks Are Designed With Safety, Comfort And Durability In Mind.

The key features of this half cage rack are:

  • Integrated weight plate storage space
  • 2x J Hooks
  • 2x Safety Bar Catchers
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Powder coated finish

Product Information

Half Cage Rack

The Half Cage Rack is a minimal half rack best for squats and presses with practical integrated weight storage space. The back uprights can accommodate storage space shelves and the rack is compatible with rubber band add-ons, chin-up-handle and also various other types of accessories.

This half cage rack featuring convenient storage on the rack for weight plates. The panels on the front of the stand are stainless steel to protect against impact and abrasion.

Notes: the rack needs to be anchored to the flooring. The screws are concealed in the structure to prevent the user hurting themselves or locating the screws.

Features of Half Cage Rack

  • Multi-functional half-rack style
  • Adjustable bar holds
  • Adjustable identifying arms
  • Integrated weight plate storage space

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Technical Specifications

Dimensions (L x W x H) 1650 * 1460 * 2380mm.
Machine Weight 179 kg.

Important: The Half Cage Rack Fitness Equipment is a built-to-order item as well as might require a 3-6 week preparation. The Half Cage Rack shown above uses a personalized color arrangement. Produced in China.

* This product is developed entirely for usage in commercial fitness setups. *.

* We strive for total precision with our technical requirements. However, requirements go through change without notice. The variation in between posted info and also the actual specification does not necessitate any kind of exchanges, modifications, or changes to any kind of items influenced by a variation. Please call our Manta Service Group if we may supply additional information. *.