Horizontal Barbell Rack

Highlights of this Horizontal Barbell Rack

  • Curved Tubing 2 Sided Design.
  • Fully welded without screws.
  • Rubber J-Hooks to protect the barbells when users load or unload the barbells.
  • Heavy duty 11-guage steel construction.
  • Electrostatic powder coat finish.
  • Holds 10 pro barbells

Product Information

Horizontal Barbell Rack Wholesale

This horizontal barbell rack is ideally fit for us in commercial gyms but is equally in your home in home workshops. A leading authority on layout and manufacture, PowerRackKing’s wide range of products is made around completion user leading to user-friendly equipment that is very easy and also satisfying to use.

The Barbell Racks 10 Bars are designed to hold 10 fixed barbell and a secure dual sided design. Barbells can be utilized for a large range of workouts including Bent Over Rows, Overhead Press as well as Bicep Curls. The barbell rack is wonderful for keeping barbells kept with each other and also keeping a weights location clean.

Besides, we have either home or commercial barbell storage space rack in both version. There are a lot of choices for getting your barbell off the floor and also in working order. See more barbell racks here

Product Attributes

  • Use guards on structure and also secures.

ABS plastic scuff guards as well as secure surrounds protect the knurling on bars and also keep them from being scraped. This an excellent remedy to conserve area and also rack spare bars when they aren’t in usage.

  • Double sided 5 per side.

The frame-welded fixes line both sides to fit ten barbells.

  • Fully welded for optimum sturdiness.

Because there are no screws, setup is easy and there’s essentially no maintenance. 

  • Barbell Rack accommodates a vast array of Fixed Head Pro-style Barbells and Fixed Head EZ Curl Bars as well as ensures that equipment is easily obtainable.