Multi Purpose Weight Rack

Multi Purpose Weight Rack is perfect for a mix of kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls and wall balls.

Product Information

Multi Purpose Weight Rack

This Multi Purpose Weight Rack offers your space a well built, dynamic storage space. It’s perfect for a mix of products, including kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls and wall balls. With this multi-purpose rack, you’re getting leading storage with the signature sturdy, “rounded” edge layout that makes this line of storage options one of the most long-term and also ergonomical rack. 

Specially, this multi purpose weight rack differs any type of other racks in its style as well as feature. Much thicker shelving, improved customer experience that will certainly stand the test of time.

Features of Multi Purpose Weight Rack

Powerful storage feature— just require a multi-functional dumbbell rack, you can keep a series of fitness equipment such as kettle bells, dumbbells, medicine ball, wall ball, band, etc, to make sure that your home gym comes to be extra specialist.

Heavy-duty framework —– The whole fitness equipment storage space rack is made of commercial-grade steel, has an extremely load-bearing capability, constantly preserves its very own stability, as well as will certainly not become guided by storing way too many equipment.

Awesome appearance layout— the outside of the dumbbell rack is polished, which is durable as well as efficient against scrapes as well as abrasion. At the same time, it shows high-level gloss under the refraction of light, including appeal to the overall space of the home fitness space.

Flexible installment approach —– The inclined positioning layout adapts individuals’s practice of picking as well as putting points. The distance in between the rails can be adjusted according to the length of the dumbbell. The top degree design is an area specifically developed for pot bells.

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