Strength Bag Rack

Highlights for this Strength Bag Rack

  • Designed for the  Strength Sand Bags
  • Small Foot Print for Studios
  • Sloping design allows for easy access
  • With one bag on each tier, totally 5 sandbags can be neatly placed


Strength Bag Rack

This convenient strength bag rack was specifically designed for saving those big sand bags. The Commercial Fitness Sandbag Strand Rack has a small footprint for safe storage of sandbag sets. With one on each floor, a total of 5 sandbags can be neatly placed on the stand to display an eye-catching row of sandbags. This makes it look great in any commercial or home gym.

Specially, strength bag rack sloping design allows for safe storage of power bags and allows for horizontal storage of bags. And there’s plenty of room for even the largest power bags.

The advantages of strength sand bag Rack

  • Really useful for the cool and protected storage space of 5 strength sand bags
  • Sturdy construction with a huge ability
  • Can be positioned against the wall and in the middle of a space
  • Convenient to have at home or in the gym

Simply put, a great accessory that is useful for any kind of atmosphere in which individuals train with sand bags. For  more free weight racks, please click here

Item care

Disinfectant/sanitising or cleansing spray must not be sprayed straight onto this item, it can get rid of the paint/ceramic coating/ionised/chromed finish and also can trigger rust. This product should only be utilized indoors in a temperature level controlled environment and also be left dry. Any kind of damages to items from chemical cleansing products voids the product guarantee.