Squat Stand with Pull Up Bar – Dual

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  • Squat Stand With Dual Pull Up Bar
  • 2 x Safety Spotter Arms & 2 x J-Hooks
  • 11-Gauge steel construction all around with 3×3″ uprights
  • A bolt-together base with triangle plates for maximum security
  • Black Powder Coated Finish
  • Band peg holes


Squat Stand with Pull Up Bar

Bridging the gap in between typical squat stands as well as power racks, the totally upgraded Squat Stand features over-sized 3×3″ 11 gauge steel uprights, and a bolt-together base with triangle plates for maximum security. Each upright of our flexible design likewise now consists of a keyhole style down the side (for higher flexibility with a broader array of new accessories), along with a new Satin Black powder layer finish as well as dome tag branding for a bolder appearance. The device’s base, triangle plates, as well as crossmembers feature the Satin Black powder layer finish, also.

The is amongst the most prominent of our squat stands, and also comes with your selection of either a Single Skinny or Fat/Skinny Pull-Up Bar. The rack is produced in China, and ships with all called for equipment as well as a collection of J-cups.

This is a dynamic however compact squat rack fantastic for big affiliates and training facilities or a garage gym with enough ceiling elevation.

Should you need a squat rack with pull bar?

The squat is known as the “King of Exercise”. They are the best activities for building size and strength of the quadriceps and posterior chain. If squats are king, then pull-ups must be queen. Pull-ups affect most of the major musculature in the upper body and promote growth throughout the back, arms, and shoulders. Getting a squat rack with a pull-up bar is arguably the most effective way to enjoy the benefits of this extraordinary bodyweight workout. At the same time, exercisers are also able to safely perform barbell squats. In order to truly accept the training of sports aristocracy.

And, for the CrossFit athlete who needs to do everything from CrossFit barbell workouts to pull-ups, this squat rack will be the piece of gear to do it all.

Features of Squat Stand with Pull Up Bar – Dual


The squat stand is made in China, utilizing (2) heavy-duty gauge 3×3″ square laser-cut steel uprights and also (3) 2×3″ gauge steel base tubes for reputable security. The device consists of laser-cut 5/8″ size holes as well as 5 screw hardware. The finish is our black powdercoat.


While it’s called a squat stand, the 108″ can be made use of much like a full-blown power rack, from bench work to pull-ups, clean pulls, flooring press, and a lot more. The system has a weight capacity of 1,000 POUNDS, produces simply a 49″ x 48″ footprint in your gym, and also supplies ideal north-south area for taller professional athletes, with maximum pull-up bar heights of 98.5″ (Fat/Skinny Bar) and 106″ (Solitary Bar).


Every weld and also laser-cut at Manta is examined independently at each step of the procedure for stability and look. As soon as in usage, the squat stand is assured by Rogue for Life.


Along with including a bar, bench, or plates to your order, you can customize the stand with a set of Safety And Security Watchman Arms, a Wheel Bracket Set for mobility, or a pair of Flooring Mounting Feet (all available to add to your order using the dropdown menu). A Solitary Bar Holder attachment additionally makes a wonderful add-on for storage.


Even without customized enhancements, the squat stand includes all of the equipment and fundamental accessories needed to have a pro-caliber squat stand at your disposal. This includes all essential 5/8″ bolts and bolts, a pair of J-Cups, and your selection of either a Fat/Skinny or Single Pull-Up Bar.